Committee and Project Team

The Committee

  • Vice President and Acting President

Jacqueline Sauzier ,

  • Secretary

Geneviève Adaken

  • Treasurer

Owen Griffiths

  • Assistant Treasurer

Philippe La Hausse de Lalouvière

  • Scientific advisor for Underwater Heritage and MSDA Coordinator

Yann Von Arnim

  • Member

Olivier Tyack 

  • Member

Sharveen Persand

  • Member

Serge Shan Kam Tak

  • Member, Representative for the Project Team

Nina Svensson Dubois

  • Honorary Vice-President

Yves Robert

Designated advisors

  • Member and UoM Coordinator

Dr. Vincent Florens

  • Member and MWF Coordinator

Vikash Tatayah

The Project Team

  • Project Officer

Shakti Teker
Mission: Responsible for projects conception, development, implementation and monitoring.

  • Marketing Communications Project Coordinator

Nina Svensson Dubois
Mission: Responsible for all marketing communications activities as well as coordination of the different projects. CSR contact.