MMCS NEF/CSR Reg. Nr 1128 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the concept whereby companies act to balance their own economic growth with the sustainable social and environmental development of their areas of operation. A company performing highly in CSR is one that goes beyond compliance with the legal framework to actively pursue positive impacts on local communities and its environment footprint.

The Government of Mauritius has established a policy with the overall objective of mandating registered companies to pay 2% of their book profit towards programmes that contribute to the social and environmental development of the country.
As a NEF CSR registered charity (1128), Mauritius Marine Conservation Society welcomes the opportunity to work with companies building mutually beneficial partnerships in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fields. Your CSR support goes to helping protect the Mauritius marine environment and its biodiversity. It also contributes to our education and awareness raising  activities with school children, operators and skippers, hotel staff, tourist and the general public.

This new legislation was introduced in 2009 and amended in 2011 and requires businesses in Mauritius to donate 2% of their pre-tax profit to approved projects that contribute to the social and environmental development of the country. Since the introduction of CSR, a number of local companies have supported MMCS's projects under the scheme and numerous activities have been organized in this context. Although CSR is vitally important in the financing of our projects, the participation of the personnel of the involved organization is just as important.

All our programs qualify for CSR credential number: 501 Protection and preservation of the environment: Biodiversity.

For further information please contact our CSR representative:

info@mmcs-ngo.org or call our office at (230) 483 7781