Marine Environment

Like all tropical islands around the world, the Mauritius marine environment is particularly rich. The marine topography is very diversified and offers a large range of diving spots with beautiful coral reefs, stunning and endless drop-offs, magnificent views constituting of arches, tunnels, caves and wrecks.
The lagoon today is of less interest since pollution and extensive fishing have chased away the inhabitants. In order to admire the marine fauna and flora, it is necessary to go beyond the coral reef barrier. You will also be able to explore the various wrecks around Mauritius (see the Artificial Reefs page).

The objective of this page isn't to index the various animal or vegetal species that you could encounter when diving.
For this, you may consult the website of Mauritius Oceanography Institute which has compiled a large and complete database.

Here we'll briefly comment on the species that we study and find the most original.

The marine environment is very fragile and vulnerable. Please respect the following basic rules:

  • Do not stand or walk on the corals
  • Do not touch or collect shells, corals or other marine organisms
  • Do not feed fish
  • Do not throw garbage on land or into the ocean
  • Respect the fishing regulations