Importance of artificial reefs

The creation of artificial reefs in the sea favours biological productivity, therefore enhancing the population of fish and invertebrates. These reefs have the power to attract marine life by offering a habitat. They not only constitute a shelter but are also a valuable reproduction reservoir, which can recreate a whole ecosystem in biological depleted zones.
In Mauritius, the activities aimed at creating artificial reefs have been in development by the MMCS since 1980. The creation of such reefs mainly aims at:
  • Increasing the marine population in the neighbouring reef areas
  • An improvement in the fishermen's catch from these reef zones
  • A study area for scientists
  • A tourist attraction for divers
  • A rehabilitation of the areas destroyed by natural forces or anthropogenic activities
  • A creation of reproduction zones
  • A beneficial use of solid wastes like old boats, tyres and automobile carcasses etc.