Survey Reports from Anse la Raie

Anse la Raie, a windy region, is located in the north-north-east of Mauritius, in a zone which has been undergoing important coastal developments.

The reef being studied is that of Calodyne, close to the shorline, located on the east of the Oscorne channel. Following the non-scuba dive based exploration works undertaken on the reef area, a site best representing the diversity of this field had been chosen. The site is comprised of a reef station about 1 - 1.5 metres deep, and an "outer slope" station about 6 - 8 metres deep, each representing different habitats.

The frequency of follow ups of the stations is annual or semestrial. However, after an exceptional event such as a cyclone, a catastrophic pollution, a study of the direct impact must be done. 

The parameters considered are physico-chemical (temperature, salinity, luminosity, meteorology) and biological (the benthos, or organisms linked to sea beds, and fishes that are bio-indicators of the health status of the reef and the fishing pressures).

The organisms are identified by using a predifined coding, benthic colonisation and substrates (elements that constitute the bottom), as well as fishes. 

The observations are carried out in intervals by free diving on the reef station and by scuba diving on the external slope. The method used to explore the stations is that of linear transects.